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Digital Signage

Visualize the possibilities!

Today's businesses and organizations require the ability communicate dynamically and rapidly. Traditional print signage becomes stagnate and slow to keep update and relevant. Digital Signage allows organizations to centrally manage their communications while tailoring it to local consumer markets. Healthcare, retail, and transportation are some of the businesses to easily showcase their products, services, helping them to stand out and engage with more customers.

IoT: Internet of Things

The emergence of technologies in the areas of real-time analytics, machine learning, ubiquitous computing, commodity sensors, and embedded systems across such areas of smart buildings, transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing. IoT brings opportunities for automation and business intelligence but also increases the attack profile available to malicious actors. IoT should satisfy the needs of modern business solutions without losing focus on security. Tensus Technology believes in a comprehensive evaluation and approach to connected solutions.

Technology Infrastructure

All modern services which support business solutions must be built on a solid foundation.   Information technology components are the foundational highway of IT services. A comprehensive business solution must evaluate the legacy physical components of your business and address any deficiencies as part any deployment. 

Smart Building Solutions

The connected smart building revolution is transforming real estate and facilities management industries. Building owners, operators and tenants are all reaping the rewards through cost management by greater control over facility environmental control, and increased physical security and incident response.  These solutions encompass video security, access control and environmental controls. Tensus Technology bridges the gap between traditional facility trade teams and traditional Information technology personnel. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We design, install, and support infrastructure and technology solutions that enable our customers to work in more productive, efficient, and cost saving environments.

Telecommunication Service

Unified Communications as a Service allows companies to transition from legacy on premise communications platforms to hosted solutions which offer greater flexibility and reduced complexity. UcaaS solutions provide built-in redundancy, ease of management, flexibility to accommodate remote and mobile employees and scalability. Enterprises realize the financial benefits and flexibility of a telecommunication OpEx model with the reduced upfront CapEx on equipment and software.

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